How It Works

Long Island Flat Fee Real Estate Sales

Here at Island Premier Properties, “Long Island’s Flat Fee Real Estate Brokers” we do things a little different than the standard Long Island real estate broker. We are Long Island’s Premier Realtors, offering you a choice of services like no other. Please review our options, we are confident you will find one that fits your needs.

First is our complete brokerage service…

This is a customary, full service listing. However, for a lower than the average commission of 3.5%, we will handle every aspect of your sale. One of our qualified Long Island real estate sales agents will meet with you at your home and walk you careful through the entire sales process. There will be no guessing on your part! Once the listing is complete, we will hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your property; upload your property to the internet; and list your property online with the Multiple Listing Service. We make all the appointments to show your property; schedule and hold open houses if you wish; and we will also work with other realtors to show your property. We will hold your hand every step of the way from listing the property through negotiations until your property gets sold.

Second is our do it yourself service…

This is our limited service listing for the do-it yourself person – is that you?? If it is, you can save a lot of money. For a flat fee of $750, we will list your property on the internet, as well as with the Multiple listing Service a twelve month period. You provide us with digital photos of your property via email, you make all appointments to show your property, and will directly receive all calls of interest about your property. Your will be listed as the contact person for the property, and you will do all the negotiations regarding your property. This option affords you maximum control over your listing. With this service, you are acting as your own realtor. However, please note that you may still have to offer a buyer’s agent- that is, a realtor who brings the buyer to you, if any, a commission, typically 2%, although you can offer less at your discretion. Understand it is very possible that a buyer may contact you directly through our listing, and, if that’s the case, no commission is paid, and you just saved even more money by using this service. If you chose to use this service option, you will either need to come to our office in Great Neck or send in the required paperwork. In any event, we are here to help, so just call or email us! Please contact us at for the required paperwork.

At Island Premier, finding real estate solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations is our goal, so please contact us today to learn more about how we can can help minimize the stress and confusion inherent in selling a property, and maximize your property’s profitability!