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Island Premier Properties is your local Long Island Real Estate Brokers that help you the sellers to sell your Long Island Real Estate fast, save money, and provide an affordable solution to the new owners looking to buy a home for the first time. Our boutique Nassau County Real Estate agents will always provide you with the latest knowledge of the Long Island Real Estate market, keep your cost down, and offer you the best solution to get your Nassau County Real Estate Sold while saving you money.

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Our agents earn and keep 100% commission! All you pay is a small monthly administrative fee and a nominal charge on each transaction you close. Please call us or send us an email today to find out more about joining the team at Island Premier Properties.
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Steps to Becoming a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson in the State of New York:

A. Complete the 75-hour course requirements with the real estate school of choice.
A list of qualifying schools can obtained from the New York Department of State Licensing Division at 518-474-4429 or via the web at http://www.dos.state.ny.us/lcns/realestate/index.html. Although we cannot recommend one real estate school over another, you can also email us at info@goislandpremier.com/education to obtain a complete list.

B. Pass the real estate school and New York State examinations
Please be aware that it can take approximately two to four weeks to register for the NYS exam. We therefore suggest that you plan ahead and book the exam at or around the same time that you commence your 75 hour course. Alternatively, we recommend you register to take the NYS exam at 123 William Street NY 10038; 68 Lincoln Road Franklin square NY 11010 or 250 Veterans Memorial Highway Basement Conference Rm. Hauppauge NY 11788 as exam registration time is generally less than one week. Click here for the “eAccess” to the Department of State(http://www.dos.ny.gov/licensing/eaccessny.html)

Note: The Department of State is paperless and all exam registrations, change of associations and results are obtained online.

C. Island Premier Properties as your a sponsor. All Licensed Real Estate Salespersons in New York are required to work under the supervision of a real estate broker. It’s important that you choose us or find a broker who will not only provide you with sponsorship but will also offer you all of the resources, knowledge and guidance that you need to develop a successful career.

If you have questions regarding obtaining your real estate license or how to begin a rewarding career with Island Premier Properties, please contact us at info@goislandpremier.com or Telephone our main office at 516-482-0805.


Interested in becoming an agent at Island Premier Properties?
Whether you’re a seasoned real estate professional looking for a different path or a new agent looking to build a career, we’d love to talk to you. We care about your growth and success and we’ll provide you with all of the resources, knowledge and guidance you’ll need to build a dynamic and lucrative career in both sales and rentals. We’ve put training systems in place that allow our agents to expand, grow and track their sales and rental business as well as their career. Our technology, marketing tools and databases are second to none and with neighborhood office in Long Island run by dedicated managers, there’s always someone available to help with questions, concerns and other obstacles. That’s why we want to be your last stop in real estate.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact our Corporate Office at Telephone
516-482-0805 or email info@goislandpremier.com. You can also apply online by completing the form below.


Island Premier Properties offers our agents a competitive, fast-paced, professional environment in which to develop their careers. A career at Island Premier Properties can be a rewarding and profitable experience for any agent that has the chance to become associated with us. We provide a five day intensive educational training program to all new agents during the initiation of the sponsorship period, a 45 hour comprehensive sales training program as well as scheduled training opportunities throughout the year. Additionally, we provide every tool needed to ensure a successful relationship between the agent and our company.

After having successfully completed the 75 hour course requirement with the real estate school of your choice and passing the school’s examination, new agents receive an authorization form from the school acknowledging their successful completion of the educational requirements. Once the prospective agent has this form in their possession and passes the NYS Real Estate examination, they will then be ready to be sponsored by us. We welcome prospective agents who wish to begin the interview process while they are working toward their license.

If you have questions regarding sponsorship or how to begin a lucrative career with Island Premier Properties, please contact us at info@goislandpremier.com.


At Island Premier Properties, training is a fundamental cornerstone of our growth and success. The Island Premier Properties Training Program is designed to furnish agents with the knowledge and tools they’ll need throughout the course of their careers to be successful in both rental and sales. From our agents’ first six months to their sixth year, and beyond, they have the support of Island Premier Properties industry-leader, on-going training curriculum, exceptional resources, and one-on-one mentoring from career experts.

Our career center is designed to give agents a comfortable environment where they’ll be inspired to actively participate rather than passively learn. Our training center is more than a classroom; it’s a place to interact with a career expert, full-time training staff, seasoned rental and sales agents, and industry experts with backgrounds that range from marketing, advertising, ethics to a career long training development.

Island Premier Properties:

Comprehensive career assessment and development, five day rental training and orientation to Island Premier Properties
Industry leading 45 hour sales training program
Advanced training and professional development
Mentoring and Coaching
Use of social media
Technology, marketing, and account management training
One-on-one performance coaching
Exceptional resources.
Access to Training facilities
Full-time Corporate Trainer
Dedicated Management Support
Seasoned Sales Support
Accessible Software

Contact us at info@goislandpremier.com to learn more about our training program, or to attend one of our weekly open houses for prospective new agents. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you open the door to a new career as a Long Island Real Estate Agent.